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“WorkwithBe” is committed to compliance with Spanish and European regulations on the protection of personal data, and guarantees full compliance with the obligations set forth, as well as the implementation of the security measures set forth in the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) (EU) 2016/679, of 27 April, and in the Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights (LOPD and GDD, hereinafter LOPD).

In accordance with these regulations, we inform you that the use of our website may require you to provide certain personal data through contact forms, or by sending emails, and that these will be processed by “WorkwithBe”, responsible for the processing, whose data are:

  • Company Name: Belén Morales Otero
  • NIF: 03107689K
  • Registered Address: Calle Camilo José Cela, 5, Azuqueca de Henares, Guadalajara.
  • Telephone: 667075886
  • Email: [email protected]

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Personal data is any information about a person: name, email, address, phone number, NIF/NIE… Additionally, when a User visits our website, certain information is automatically stored for technical reasons, such as the IP address assigned by their Internet service provider.

“WorkwithBe”, as the data controller, is responsible for informing Users of its website about the collection of personal data that may be carried out, either through email or by filling out the forms included on the website.

Only the necessary data will be obtained to provide the contracted service or to properly respond to the information request made by the User. The collected data are identifying and correspond to a reasonable minimum to carry out the activity. In particular, no specially protected data are collected at any time. Under no circumstances will the data be used for purposes other than those for which they were collected.

Contact Forms/Email

Purpose: To respond to your information request made through our contact form(s).

Legitimization: The legal basis legitimizing this processing is the consent of the User, which may be revoked at any time.

Data Transfer: Personal data will be processed through servers managed by Webempresa, which will be considered as the Data Processor.

Only persons over 14 years of age can provide personal data on this website. According to the LOPD and GDD, in the case of minors under 14 years of age, the consent of their parents or guardians will be mandatory for us to process their personal data.

On the other hand, only persons over 18 years of age can contract our services. In the case of minors under 18 years of age, the consent of their parents or legal guardians will be mandatory for us to provide the services offered, unless the minor is emancipated.

Security Measures

Users of the “WorkwithBe” website are informed that we have adopted security measures, both technical and organizational, within our reach to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access, and theft of data, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and quality of the information contained therein, in accordance with the provisions of current data protection regulations. Personal data collected in the forms are processed only by the staff of “WorkwithBe” or by designated Data Processors.

The “WorkwithBe” website also features SSL encryption, which enables Users to securely send their personal data through contact forms or website registration.

Accuracy of Data

The User declares that all data provided by them are true and correct and undertakes to keep them updated. The User will be responsible for the accuracy of their data and will be solely responsible for any disputes or litigation that may arise from the falsity of this information. It is important that, in order for us to keep personal data updated, the User informs “WorkwithBe” whenever there has been any change in it.

Data Transfer

“WorkwithBe” will not transfer or communicate your data to any third parties, except in cases legally provided for or when it is strictly necessary for the provision of a service. Specifically, data may be transferred to:

  • Technology or IT service providers
  • Payment service providers
  • Courier and parcel companies
  • Third parties or intermediaries, acting as service providers, operating on our behalf (management, consultancy, etc.).

Data transfers will be made with the strictest confidentiality, employing necessary measures such as the signing of confidentiality agreements, or adherence to their privacy policies established on their respective websites. The User may refuse the transfer of their data to Data Processors, through written request, by any of the means referenced above.

Additionally, in cases where necessary, customer data may be transferred to certain organizations, in compliance with a legal obligation: Spanish Tax Agency, Labor Inspection, etc.

Exercise of User Rights

The LOPD and the RGPD grant interested parties the possibility to exercise a series of rights related to the processing of their personal data.

For this purpose, the User must address, providing documentation proving their identity (ID card or passport), via email to [email protected], or by written communication to the address appearing in our Legal Notice. This communication must reflect the following information: name and surname of the User, the subject of the request, the address, and the accrediting data.

The exercise of rights must be carried out by the User themselves. However, they may be executed by an authorized person acting as the legal representative of the User, providing the documentation accrediting such representation.

The User may request the exercise of the following rights:

  • Right to request access to personal data, which is the right to obtain information about whether their personal data is being processed, the purpose of the processing that may be being carried out, as well as the available information about the origin of such data and the communications made or planned regarding them.
  • Right to request rectification, in case personal data is incorrect or inaccurate, or deletion of data that proves to be inadequate or excessive.
  • Right to request the limitation of their treatment, in which case only the data strictly necessary for the exercise or defense of claims will be retained by “WorkwithBe”.
  • Right to object to the processing: refers to the right of the interested party to prevent the processing of their personal data or to cease it in cases where their consent is not necessary for processing, concerning commercial prospecting files or decisions based solely on the automated processing of their data, except for legitimate reasons or the exercise or defense of possible claims.
  • Right to data portability: if the User wishes their data to be processed by another company, “WorkwithBe” will provide them with the portability of their data in an exportable format.

If consent has been given for a specific purpose, the User has the right to withdraw consent at any time, without affecting the legality of the treatment based on the consent given prior to its withdrawal.

We commit to execute all these rights within the maximum legal period (1 month).

User Complaints

If a User believes that there is a problem with the way “WorkwithBe” is handling their data, they can direct their complaints to the Security Officer or to the corresponding data protection authority, with the Spanish Data Protection Agency being the appropriate authority for Spain.

Data Retention

The personal data of Users who use the contact form or send us an email requesting information will be processed for the time strictly necessary to respond to the information request, or until the granted consent is revoked.

The personal data of Customers will be processed until the end of the contractual relationship. The retention period for personal data will be the minimum necessary, and may be maintained for:

  • 4 years: Law on Infractions and Sanctions in the Social Order (obligations regarding affiliation, registrations, deregistrations, contributions, salary payments, etc.); Arts. 66 and following General Tax Law (accounting books, etc.)
  • 5 years: Art. 1964 Civil Code (personal actions without a special deadline)
  • 6 years: Art. 30 Commercial Code (accounting books, invoices, etc.)
  • 10 years: Art. 25 Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Law.
  • Indefinitely: disaggregated and anonymized data. In the case of candidate data processing (CVs), “WorkwithBe” may keep their resume stored for a maximum of two years for future recruitment unless the candidate expresses otherwise.

Social Media

“WorkwithBe” has profiles on some of the main social networks on the Internet (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram), recognizing itself in all cases as the Data Controller of the data of its followers, fans, subscribers, commentators, and other User profiles (hereinafter, followers) published by “WorkwithBe”.

The purpose of data processing by “WorkwithBe”, when the law does not prohibit it, will be to inform its followers about its activities and offers, through any means allowed by the social network, as well as to provide personalized customer service. The legal basis legitimizing this processing will be the consent of the interested party, which may be revoked at any time.

In no case will “WorkwithBe” extract data from social networks unless the User has expressly and specifically consented to it (for example, for a contest).


The information provided by the User will, in any case, be considered confidential and cannot be used for purposes other than those described here. “WorkwithBe” undertakes not to disclose or reveal information about the User’s intentions, the reasons for the requested advice, or the duration of their relationship with it.


This privacy and data protection policy may vary depending on changes in regulations and jurisprudence that occur, with the data owner being responsible for reading the updated document in order to know their rights and obligations regarding it at all times.